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President of MEP CSEE Sofia

Martin Stoyanov
President of MEP CSEE Sofia

Honorable delegates and committee presidents,

The Presidency of MEP CSEE Sofia 2016 is excited to have you in Sofia for the second-ever MEP CSEE regional session.

In October, you will have the chance to meet your peers from the Central and South East European region and discuss some of the most important topics and problems in Europe and our region right now. Through fruitful debates and discussions, you will be able to provide innovative and interesting ideas and gather valuable experience. We live in times where the European Union needs to stand united more than ever in order to face the challenges which are upon us. And for this to happen, our region needs to strengthen internally. Connecting the CSEE region will not only provide improvement in economic, social, cultural and educational terms for our region but also for the European Union as a whole. Given that you are the future of Europe, we firmly believe that this regional session is a great step in the right direction in order to achieve a strong and united CSEE region.

This session will give you access to more information and create awareness of current problems, and you will have the opportunity to explore and get to know more about Bulgaria and its rich history and culture, one of the oldest in Europe. During the cultural evening and the free time in Bulgaria’s two biggest cities – Sofia and Plovdiv, we sincerely hope that you will enjoy the diversity and rich history of my home country.

Going back several thousand years, Bulgarians have left their mark on history not only in a political sense, but also on a cultural and scientific one. Several current examples for this are John Atanasoff (the inventor of the first electronic digital computer ABC), Irina Bokova (current candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General), Hristo Stoichkov (1994 winner of the Balon d’Or and FC Barcelona legend).

While Bulgaria might be in the middle of the pack in regards to its size, Bulgarians have the warmest and biggest hearts. We believe that our hospitality will give you the chance to feel just like at home and give you the opportunity to create wonderful and creative resolutions to tackle the problems the EU is facing.

We sincerely hope that we will exceed your expectations and that you will have a pleasant stay and a fruitful MEP session this October.


Martin Stoyanov,

President of MEP CSEE Sofia




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