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Honorable delegates, committee presidents, teachers, directors, coordinators and further participants of the Central- and Southeastern European MEP session in Munich!

We’re delighted to welcome you in the beautiful city of Munich to this year’s CSEE MEP session. Welcome to southern Germany, to the capital of the Free State of Bavaria, where German history in a nutshell comes together with modern thinking and culture from all over the world.Since many people consider Bavarian culture the germaness itself, all of you will of course get to know everything between Schnitzel, Beer, Lederhosen and brass music. Although Bavaria is definitely not everything in Germany, Munich will cast its own special spell consisting of history, great architecture and cuisine, a unique mentality and politics on you. On a quick stroll through the city center you can experience this special flair.  

After your arrival at Munich Central Station in January it’s just a short way from there to the cultural and historic city center, the Marienplatz. You will see the old and new town halls, Old Peter’s Church with a great view over Munich and also the Frauenkirche. Just a short walk from there you’ll get to the Max-Josephs-Platz at the end of the famous Maximilian’s street with the National Theatre, the Bavarian State Opera and the Munich Residence. Next to the Max-Josephs-Platz you’ll find yourself at the beautiful Odeonsplatz with the famous Feldherrnhalle, the Theatine Church and the Hofgarten.

In contrast to this beautiful surface of the city you will also have to realize that Munich has been home to Europe’s dark times in the last century. On 9th November 1923, 100 years ago, the hitler coup took place, in the end at the Odeonsplatz, with a march of lots of far-right, anti-democratic, national-socialist putschists, which was just the beginning. Through intensive efforts to democracy it was possible to leave the dark times behind. As the venue for the Munich Security Conference, capital of the Free State of Bavaria, seat of many high German courts and the European Patent Office Munich has shown how to start a common democratic future. But today we have to defend democratic values more and more.

This session might be an enormous opportunity for all of us whether in regards to democracy or personal development. In the context of this CSEE meeting it is on you dear delegates to move your local issues and behalf in the center of the attention of Europe. And this applies to a wide range of urgent European topics, from youth poverty, AI in various areas of life, dealing with misinformation, and many more. 

Make this session yours, together! And please do so with great motivation and effort, creativity, out-of-the-box-thinking and  constructive and sometimes heated debates based on well researched information. To make it easier for you to get into your committee topics please mind the provided fact sheets but do not rely on this and create the base for your personal implementations meticulously. 

The Presidency of course requests in old german and MEP tradition punctuality, effort in the committee meetings and the general assembly as well as a bright smile all day long representing the pleasure of being part of a great community and being given the extraordinary opportunity of shaping Europe to its best.
On behalf of the entire Presidency it is an honor for us to welcome you at the MEP CSEE session in Munich, Germany. Debate,and  find solutions in a broad democratic consensus even if it’s getting hard sometimes! The results will make up for everything! Let’s make this time a great success for everyone! We are looking forward to seeing you all in January!

On behalf of the presidency, 

Jonas Paul Besch, Tom Faßhauer and Helene Werner
Presidents of the MEP CSEE Munich 2024



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