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Esteemed Members of the Model European Parliament,

It is my utmost honour and pleasure to cordially welcome you, on behalf of the Presidency, to the 5th Central and South East European Regional Session of the Model European Parliament.

Lying in the heart of Central Europe, Budapest emblematizes a bridge, establishing connections within Europe. In the course of the week ahead of us, the city will host an event, which extends the reach of this network by overstepping borders of the European Union. The Central and South East European Regional Session is not exclusively a platform enabling the exchange on issues of both European and regional relevance, but also a celebration embracing our shared European and common regional identity.

We all are inheritants of this shared European legacy, dear delegates. Therefore, amid rising euroscepticism and several challenges lying ahead, it is our right and responsibility to shape the future vision of our community, aiming for the improvement and endurance of the European Project. We need to make our voices heard in order to chart the right path ahead for Europe.

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The Budapest 2019 presidency

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